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What is TR Material

Wohu Optical TR Material TR-90 is one of the polymer materials that has a memory. At present, it is the most popular super light frame material at the international level. Its features are super toughness, impact-resistance, wear-resistance, low friction coefficient and so on. In addition, it can effective to prevent to hurt People's eyes and face because of frame breaking or friction in sports. According to its special molecular structure, it is good chemical resistance. So it is hard to distort under the environment of high temperature. Besides, it is not easy to melt and burn even in the 350 degrees in a short period. Wohu Optical TR Material TR-90 does not release any chemicals which don't meets the European requirement of food-grade materials. The surface of TR-90 frame are smooth . Its density is 1.14-1.15 that makes the frame can float in salty water. It is lighter than any other plastic frames . Its weight is less than almost half of plank frame , and it is the 85 % of nylon materials . It reduces the burden of the bridge of the nose and ears which makes it to be suitable for teenagers. The products made up of TR-90 are wear-resistance , chemical resistance , solvent resistance , climate resistance, high-temperature resistance . TR-90 is one of the polymer materials that has a memory . Its index of resistance to deformation is 620 kg / cm2 that makes it hard to distort .