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Prescription Glasses Assembly

Professional, Fast, Affordable

Wohu Optical About Us

Wohu Optical have more than 20 Essilor edging machines capable of assembling 2000 pairs of prescription glasses per day. In order to improve production efficiency, we are constantly eliminating old equipment and adding better production equipment every year.

Relying on our more than 10 years of assembly experience, whether it is assembling single vision glasses, bifocal glasses or more complicated progressives glasses, we have very good customer satisfaction.

Fast delivery is also a major feature of us, because we produce both frames and lenses, allows us to seamlessly connect lens production and glasses assembly, fast shipping, even progressive glasses we can deliver within 7 working days.

Assembly is not only lens cutting, but also frame shaping. Many companies do not pay attention to this step, which leads to many after-sales problems. Every pair of glasses assembled by Wohu Optical not only undergoes strict inspection, but also includes professional glasses shaping.

Wohu Optical About Us
Wohu Optical About Us

Wohu's professional prescription glasses assembly service, through our professional processing technology, factory advantages, and fast delivery capabilities, not only provides customers with high-quality prescription glasses, but also helps customers save a lot of costs.